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What is Roaming?

Like the proverbial buffalo (or bison to be more accurate), Cellular Roaming allows mobile wireless customers to automatically receive service when they are outside of the area covered by their "home" provider's network. Mobile wireless service providers enter into roaming agreements with each other so that their customers will be able roam and receive service automatically, regardless of their location. The FCC has recognized the importance of roaming for mobile consumers and requires mobile wireless service operators to provide automatic voice roaming.

In 2011, the FCC adopted rules requiring facilities-based providers of commercial mobile data services to offer Data Roaming arrangements to other such providers on commercially reasonable terms and conditions, subject to certain limitations. Also, while there are agreements between carriers based in the US with those in foreign countries, those agreements are not as favorable as they are within the US.

The Roaming Zone helps you determine which wireless carriers offer the best roaming capabilities for your wireless usage. Find methods to use your wireless devices away from home and outside the country without losing service or getting surprisingly high charges. Get more answers to your Roaming questions at the Roaming Zone FAQ.

"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam..." It is now wireless phone users who Roam, and now, all around the world. Not unlike the days when the buffalo had free range of the plains, (or bison to be more accurate), our own Roaming Zone includes codes and procedures used by wireless phones using cellular systems mainly across North America. Much of this information is from reliable sources including contributions from dozens of other like-minded cellular users. There are costs in running this site (and taking all those trips?), and those expenses are paid by a small commission from advertisers and sponsored links. So, if you ever buy cellular phones, service or accessories online, we would really appreciate you doing so by clicking on any of the advertising banners and links you see on our site, like the ones above. This site is part of the Mountain Wireless Cellular Networks with shared information across all those sites.

We welcome updates about new or corrected information and we will fix any errors as soon as possible. We make no warranties to the information, which can change at any time without our notice. Accuracy is the desired goal, and, as with all small operations, there is a lot of information that gets put on hold until time is found to update it.

What's with the ? It's the international symbol for cellular roaming, but we don't see it as often these days as cellular carriers now own larger networks or include free roaming across much of the US.

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