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Changes in PRL's Released April 1, 2009
(30038, 40047)

Note: this is an interpretation of PRL 40047, the Aircard PRL, which should only be used as a "hint" of the changes made in EVDO PRL 30038

Changes from 40045 to 40047:
  • US Cellular preferred over Sprint in KS/OK. (USCC still only 1X data.)
  • Added (preferred over Sprint):
    • 01411 [D] FR United States Cellular
      CMA430A Kansas 3 - Jewell
      CMA431A Kansas 4 - Marshall
      CMA435A Kansas 8 - Ellsworth
      CMA436A Kansas 9 - Morris
      CMA437A Kansas 10 - Franklin
      CMA441A Kansas 14 - Reno
    • 05908 PCS FR United States Cellular
      BTA329F Oklahoma City, OK
    • 01272 [D] FR United States Cellular
      CMA442B Kansas 15 - Elk
    • 04937 PCS FR United States Cellular
      BTA354C Ponca City, OK
  • Removed:
    • 04198 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA046B Wichita, KS-OK
    • 04390 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA018D Cincinnati, OH-WV-VA-KY-IN
      BTA035E Beckley, WV
      BTA048E Bluefield, WV
      BTA073E Charleston, WV
      BTA081C Cincinnati, OH
      BTA106C Dayton-Springfield, OH
      BTA197E Huntington, WV-Ashland, KY
      BTA259E Logan, WV
      BTA359E Portsmouth, OH
      BTA474E Williamson, WV-Pikeville, KY
    • 04107 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA035A Buffalo, NY-PA
    • 04982 PCS FR Sprint PCS (NID 00080)
      MTA023D Richmond, VA-NC
      BTA324C Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News-Hampton, VA
      BTA374C Richmond-Petersburg, VA
    • 04694 PCS FR Sprint PCS (NID 00090)
      MTA044D Knoxville, TN-VA-KY
      BTA229E Kingsport, TN-Johnson City, TN-Bristol, VA-TN
      BTA295E Middlesboro-Harlan, KY
    • 04157 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA043A Nashville, TN-KY
    • 04168 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA009B Philadelphia, PA-NJ-DE-MD
    • 04418 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA038D Columbus, OH-WV
      MTA038E Columbus, OH-WV
      BTA095C Columbus, OH
    • 04121 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA022A Denver, CO-WY-SD-NE-KS-UT
    • 04155 PCS FR Sprint PCS (NID 00002, 00008, 00083)
      MTA012A Minneapolis, MN-ND-SD-WI-MI-IA
    • 04132 PCS FR Sprint PCS
      MTA047B Honolulu, HI
      MTA047E Honolulu, HI

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