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Is Your Phone Roam-Ready?

Choose your current carrier from the drop down list to get an overview of how well it roams, including the top prepaids.

AT&T Prepaid
AT&T has excellent international roaming capabilities. Their phones are GSM-based and work in over 220 countries. There are several Voice and Data Roaming packages available. They have a helpful online Travel Planner. AT&T phones work on most cruise ships.

Boost Infinite
With Boost's roaming add-on, North America Connect, you can make calls, send texts (both SMS and MMS), or use your phone with 5GB of roaming in Mexico or Canada for just $10/mo. First and most Calls and Texts must be in the US. To ensure you have uninterrupted data while traveling to Mexico and Canada, make sure Data Roaming is toggled ON in your phone settings.

T-Mobile has excellent international roaming capabilities. Their phones are GSM-based and work in over 200 countries. Roaming charges can be very reasonable with their regular plans especially for Data. Roaming in Mexico and Canada may be included without any extra charges including data. T-Mobile phones work on most cruise ships. Data is often limited to 2G speeds outside of North America. Also see Prepaids That Roam

Verizon has an international roaming feature, TravelPass, that allows subscribers to deduct their activity from their regular monthly plan for a fee of $2 per day in Mexico and Canada and $10 per day in more than 65 other locations, including destinations in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. The daily fee is activated only when a subscriber uses their device to take a call, connect to a data service or send a text while in one of the covered countries. Each session extends for 24 hours, during which time usage is covered by the fee. Another session will begin and another fee will be activated when a subscriber calls, texts or uses data after the 24-hour session has expired. You can leave the service turned on at no charge so the feature will be ready to go when you are. A compatible device is required.
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