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International Roaming with Prepaid Phones
US-based prepaid phones have various abilities for roaming in foreign countries. Listed are Prepaids that roam beyond North America, and then Prepaids that roam in Canada and Mexico, only. In most cases, prepaid phones can use Wi-Fi in foreign countries to access Data and some can also complete Voice Calls and Text messages. Services are listed alphabetically.

Prepaids that Roam in Foreign Countries:
(Within and Outside of North America)

Boost Mobile offers add-ons that give you different amounts of Data usable over different periods of time, with rates ranging from $5 to $59, depending on the country. You must have an international-capable or eSIM phone which includes most newer Boost devices. Boost is owned by Dish Wireless.

Consumer Cellular
Consumer Cellular has roaming coverage in over 100 countries. There is a charge for calls FROM these countries with rates starting as low as .01 per minute Talk, per Text and per MB of Data. International Roaming must be enabled, and  Wi-Fi Calling is available. Roaming rates in a small number of countries can be as high as .58 per Minute/Text/Mb, so to protect your account Consumer Cellular will limit your roaming when charges reach $100.

Google Fi
Voice and Data Roaming in over 200 countries including Mexico and Canada. Fi uses Wi-Fi first then, if it finds none, automatically switches to cellular broadband.

Lyca Mobile
Lyca Mobile specializes in low-cost services including worldwide calling and Texting and international roaming. The best deals are the Lyca Mobile SIM-Only plans. They have nationwide coverage in the US and roaming in a huge number of foreign countries at low, per-use rates. 5G coverage is included where available.

Simple Mobile
Simple Mobile offers Voice, Text and Data roaming in Mexico and 15 other Central and South American countries on all plans. Simple Mobile is one of our preferred providers that is owned by Verizon. Roaming benefits in these countries include 300 Talk minutes, Data access and unlimited Text. Mexico roaming includes Data access and Unlimited Talk and Text.

Ting offers international roaming with a GSM phone but with per-use charges for Voice, Text and Data, but with FREE incoming Texts. Ting Roaming rates are fairly high and they recommend alternate methods when you want service outside the US. Ting is not prepaid but is a pay-as-you-go service that charges for what you've used at the end of each month. Ting Mobile is owned by Dish Wireless.

T-Mobile Prepaid
Both Prepaid and "non-contract" phones roam in over 200 countries worldwide.  Roaming within Mexico and Canada is included without extra charges, including Data, for "non-contract" plans. T-Mobile also supports Global Wi-Fi Calling which enables you to make calls via Wi-Fi back to the US at your normal per-call rate. Otherwise, Pay As You Go plan roaming rates range from $1.49 to $5.99 per minute! Text messaging is .50 to Send, .10 to receive, in all countries except  Canada. "Connect by T-Mobile" plans do not roam outside the US. A better alternative is Ultra Mobile or US Mobile.

Ultra Mobile roams automatically in Canada and Mexico on plans 3GB and higher, but for Talk and Text only. 
You can add International Roaming Credit that allows roaming in 90+ countries and the credit carries over from month to month and never expires. You can also Call and Text to over 90 foreign countries and you get a credit to call the countries beyond those 90 included countries. Ultra is owned by T-Mobile.

US Mobile
US Mobile roams in over 100 countries around the world including plans with Data. US Mobile has several other advantages including competitive prices, a choice of US networks, excellent promotions and more.

Prepaids That Roam in Canada and Mexico Only:

AT&T Prepaid
AT&T Prepaid roams in Canada & Mexico. Talk, Messaging and Data available on $60 monthly plan and above, Talk and Messaging available for other plans at per-use charges. If you're traveling elsewhere a good alternative is US Mobile.

Cricket Unlimited and 10 GB plans include Unlimited Calling and Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging to and from landlines and mobile phones in Mexico, Canada (limited to 50% Roaming), and to the US, plus high-speed Data access while traveling in Mexico and Canada (Speeds reduced when you use up your plan's high-speed allowance). Cricket is owned by AT&T.

Metro by T-Mobile phones include Unlimited calling TO and FROM Mexico and Canada, including to and from mobile phones and landlines. Up to 5GB of data is available while roaming in either Mexico or Canada. Also, get Unlimited Text Messages, sending and receiving, while in Mexico and Canada.

Red Pocket
Red Pocket phones include Unlimited calling TO and FROM Mexico and Canada. All Red Pocket Mobile Unlimited GSMA plans offer Free international roaming in Canada and Mexico, including unlimited Talk, Text and a Data limit of up to 100MB. Additional roaming data can be added for an extra cost. International roaming is also included in all other non-unlimited GSMA plans, but does not include unlimited talk and text, add-ons are available for all plans. Some International calling to other countries is also included.

Verizon Prepaid roams in Canada, Mexico and Guam but the process is complicated. They offer a Prepaid Travel Pass which is automatically added to your line if you have a compatible prepaid monthly plan and a World Device. You must enable TravelPass to start using it. Once you enable it, you'll be charged a daily fee but only on days that you use Voice, Text or Data while traveling. However, you must have sufficient balance in your prepaid account for the daily fee to use the service. Some current prepaid unlimited plans include Talk, Text and Data in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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