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PRL 52299 CHANGES (April 28, 2011)

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Changes in PRL 52299 from 52280:

Files Added:
06104 PCS FRM South Central Communications
BTA392F St. George, UT
BTA399E Salt Lake City-Ogden, UT

Files moved up in priority from priority 8 to priority 1.
00418 [D] -- Alltel Communications
CMA206B Longview-Marshall, TX
CMA237B Tyler, TX
CMA658B Texas 7 - Fannin
CMA661B Texas 10 - Navarro
CMA662B Texas 11 - Cherokee
00418 [D] -- ETEX Cellular
CMA658B Texas 7 - Fannin
00418 [D] -- ??
00418 PCS -- Alltel Communications

credit: Mathwhiz

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