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Resources for both the frequent Canada traveler and the casual tourist. Compare the roaming abilities of your current phone with those of other carriers.

US-Based Phones in Canada
Canadian Wireless Carriers

Canada Roaming
Prepaid Phones That Roam in Canada

Telus is our preferred network for travelers. This GSM carrier offers great coverage, a huge selection of phones, easily purchased SIM's and excellent customer service.

Bell has a great selection of phones and do have GSM SIM's available. While Bell's customer service is a step below our top choice, they have a slight coverage advantage in rural areas.

Rogers has good coverage and a large selection of GSM phones. Rogers is an adequate choice especially if a Rogers store or kiosk is the most convenient.

Freedom Mobile is the largest of the small carriers with service in most large Canadian cities except Montreal and Quebec City, with very little rural coverage. Freedom is the former Wind network which was acquired by Shaw Communications.

Regional Carriers
There are other carriers that operate their own network within a single province or region of Canada. They can be a good choice if your travel is confined to that specific area and if there is an attractive level of price or convenience. Coverage of these carriers range from very limited to extensive. These carriers include:
  • CHATR Owned by Rogers Wireless with similar coverage
  • MTS MOBILITY (Covers Manitoba)
  • SASKTEL (Covers all of Saskatchewan)
  • VIDEOTRON (Native Coverage limited to Ontario)
There are other alternative carriers that have no network of their own and utilize the networks of the above carriers.

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