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Roaming Codes
Roaming Codes:

Can You Use Your Own Prepaid Phone?
The Mobile Network Code is a 6-digit number used by GSM and other wireless networks. This code helps your phone identify on which network it should be operating.  The MNC is transmitted by the cell site and a list of codes is saved in the wireless handset.

Can You Use Your Own Prepaid Phone?
System IDentification Number is a 15-bit numeric identifier used by cellular systems to identify the home system of a wireless carrier and by the cellular telephone to determine its roaming status.  The SID is transmitted by the cell site.

Can You Use Your Own Prepaid Phone?
The Preferred Roaming List, is a list of numbers stored in a CDMA wireless phone that determines how your phone will behave in certain geographic areas, whether or not it can roam and on what roaming carriers. The list is a set of SID's and a code of what to do when that SID is received. 

Global Wireless Roaming:
Z-Roam Your new guide for using wireless while traveling outside the US.  Z-Roam is a new and expanded site created from the experiences of Roaming Zone users.

Can You Use Your Own Prepaid Phone?
Can you use you own phone while roaming around the world?  We'll show what you can do and how to fix it if you can't.

Prepaid Phones Some "Prepaid" phones can roam outside the US.  Find out if yours does and, if not, what to do to so you can use it in foreign countries.

Can You Use Your Own Prepaid Phone?
How to set up a phone specially configured to be used while traveling overseas. You can use a different phone or SIM to make foreign calls to keep you from paying big roaming charges.

Roaming Tips Helpful information that will smooth out the bumps of your wireless usage so that the adventures you have will not be in trying to use your phone.

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